Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Hitting page one on Google with a dot com keyword

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I got hold of the domain name It started as a bit of lark, but has helped me get some of my clients interested in doing a similar exercise themselves. This has since had another client wanting a similar effort, which I will write about in another post. But, now we can see that I have piqued the curiosity of my clients enough to let them invest on the exercise I di for myslef.

I got the domain name <> to see how high I could get this on Google. I haven't really bothered with other search engines, as the exercise would have taken too much time and other resources.

A keyword or keywords as a dot com has a very high rating in the search engine ranking system because it is a high level domain name suffix.

Applying search engine ranking practices helps improve the domain's rankings, with the added plus of being the domain name with dot com suffix. How I did this is covered in a blog post I wrote shortly after I made page one on google. It's on my other blog:

So, from a lark, I am able to practice some more marcomms work for clients. I will keep you posted on further results.

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