Friday, May 10, 2013

Who says too much movement on website is bad

Animation on websites, e.g., using flash, can help improve the website experience of your viewers.

How? Take a recently created site, we did for a client. The site has a revolving offering of the clients products and services.

And, when orginally designed, the photos moved in one direction and then reversed when this reached the end. The client was not happy with this and wanted the photos to loop.

So, we thought, why not. A continuous loop will work.

Click here, to see what I mean.

As the photos revolve, the viewer can click on each and go to a page related to the product/service.

And, to improve navigability navigation buttons are located on the top, bottom and middle.

To round it out, we've also include a search box.

When we prepare sites for clients, we try to cover all bases. It's not just a matter of making a website look pretty, but also to make it work for the viewer—and the client, of course.

More thoughts on website design in a future post.

We just liked the site so much, because of the clean look, feel, navigability, we had to refer to it.

Till then.

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