Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A dot com domain name really can give you a top search engine ranking

In a previous post, I showed how using a dot com domain name can really help you get top search engine rankings. I refer to my purchase of the domain name bananascreens.com. And, the last look showed it somewhere on the front page of Google for the keyword "banana screens".

Please note though that this is subject to change and can give different results in your computer. The browser you use, your location and any indexing done by Google recently can affect the rankings.

But, let's face it dot com is the highest weighted use of a keyword, followed by dot net. Now, of course, one has to do other things to help make sure that the website ranks when indexed by Google.

You really have to give the Google web crawlers a leg up. I will get to this at later post.

I want to tell you about two websites we set up for a client, who saw what I was able to do with the bananascreens.com site.

A distributor for Pullmaster of Canada, the client now has two sites: pullmasterwinches.com.au, and pullmaster.com.au. Now my mission is to get these two sites on the first page of google.

Bear in mind that the sites are new and have as of this writing not yet been indexed. So, with the upload of this post, I will get the sites indexed and get the job rolling. 

Watch this space for any progress and, hopefully, positive results.

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