Monday, September 12, 2011

Using flash animation helps improve viewer experience

The use of flash animation has always been a concern because of download speeds. Mind you today, this is not a problem as it was only a few days ago.

While most websites allow the viewer to override the flash from being viewed, the tendency among internet users is to just let the flash animation download.

In the early days of our website development service, I suggested the use of a marquee to allow some kind of movement on a web page.

Properly used, flash content can aid the viewing experience of a website. In this post, I feature two recent websites that have had either a new flash sequence installed, or a new site with flash as a main feature.

A long time client, Stainless Sections Pty Ltd, updated their flash content recently. Previously, they had a photo or photos move up and down or sideways to show more of the photo/s concerned.

Now, as you can see here, this includes text and has movement in more than one direction.

A division of a client of a few years is Aztex Sodablast. I like highlighting this site because of the unique way that the flash animation works. As you will note from visiting the site, the way the photos change mimics the process of sodablasting.

In a way, this resembles the use of onomatopoeia in poetry. Or, am I drawing a long bow here. Anyway, the point I am making is horses for courses.

So, why limit the approach of brining animation to your website? There is just so much scope with today’s technology.

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