Thursday, January 06, 2011

Pluse Solutions sets up Australian site

Pulse Solutions, founded in 1997, has recently launched an Australian-based website. Since starting operations, the company has created over 1,000 websites, covering a wide gamut of industries and applications in Europe, USA and Australia.

Today, the company has expanded from the three founders to a team of over 100 specialist developers, technicians and SEO practitioners.

Pulse Solutions has always believed that "the internet should be working for you". Hence, their clients all have highly navigable and user-friendly sites that meet Web 2.0 requirements.

The company has clients around the world, ranging from small micro businesses to multi-million dollar corporations. Pulse Solutions strives, at all times, to at least meet or preferably to exceed client expectations through unsurpassed service and attention to detail.

Their development processes are continually improved and honed to meet the ever-changing nature of the web. This philosophy and approach to the web is one that has served its clients well.

In Australia, JG Marketing Services represents Pulse Solutions. At JG Marketing, we look to provide the benefit of our many years of experience in marketing services and communication and use this expertise, in collaboration with Pulse Solutions, to provide the best web-based solutions for our clients.

Our web team works hand-in-glove with Pulse engineers in the development of practical solutions that are designed to meet not only current, but future needs as well. We specially insist on building the right architecture for websites, which allow a client's site to expand for future development.

We are very happy to continue our relationship with Pulse Solutions and look forward to many years of collaboration in the exciting work that the web provides.

Funny enough, at JG Marketing, we set up our first website in 1997, the year Pulse Solutions started.

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