Friday, February 22, 2013

Banana Screens are multi-sloped vibratory equipment

What does that headling have to do with a blog about marketing communication. After all banana screens are used in mining and minerals processing. Well, actually quite a bit.

Allow me to explain. The point is the domain name <>. Looking for a domain name for one of my clients, I came across this domain name as one that was available. Heck, I wasn't even looking for a name related to it.

Anyway, I thought, why not. I bought the domain name without any idea of what I would do with it.

Then a few days later, some more things came to mind. After all, when one has a keyword as a domain name in a dot com, that's a big plus, if one wants to dominate that keyword right. Dot com is pretty much the highest level there is for search engine optimisation.

So, another thought, why not set up a blog using the domain name. Again, good idea, so I did.

BTW, the visual I have here on the right better explains why the name banana screen has been applied to the vibratory machine. It's from the shape, but I digress.

Ok, so I uploaded the blog, did a post or two and it was on the web. Yes,!

So, again, what to do with this. Hey, a blog, with a keyword in a dot com domain is pretty much as good as it gets for SEO, if that's what you're after.

I searched the keyword and got the manufacturer's websites. Of course, they've been there ages, have a lot of content for the keyword, right. And, at this stage I've done nothing to promote or have the site indexed. (Normally, I ping search engines when I put up a post for my clients or my own sites.)

Well, today, I checked rankings and sure enough, the usual manufacturers, but I thought maybe has been indexed, after all I already got some spam comments.

Sure enough, the site was indexed. It was on page three. Hmm. Let's see if we can do better.

So, folks watch this space.

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