Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Surveys, rewards and my American Express experience

Have you ever been sent a request for your opinion via a survey form? If you do stuff on the net, order or buy anything on- or offline, you probably have.

I want to make a comment on one I filled in recently. I was chasing up a reward on a credit card and I must admit it was a relatively good experience to start with. I called the number on the acknowledgement letter and the guy says he has nothing on it. Gave him the reference number, no couldn’t help.

I am referred to another person. I go through the usual ID checks and well, yes, we have your rewards paperwork. Ok, so this will be passed on to the warehouse (or whatever fulfillment section) and expect delivery in a 3-4 days. Great.

I got an email asking for my opinion on the service given over the phone. Ok, I’ll fill this up in a few days, when I get the time. Back to my rewards thing.

Mind you it wasn’t quite three days, but I thought I would check to make sure I could make plans for a barbecue on the weekend. BTW, that’s what I ordered.

The guy at fulfillment, had no record of my rewards. What? Again, I go to another person at the rewards section and this time there’s no trace of my rewards claim at all. Huh? She was polite and helpful, but no paperwork. She said she would fill in another rewards claim and start the ball all over again. Wow.

And, this would not affect my existing points. I should hope not.

So, I fill in my opinion request and, of course, “not happy Jan” and I let ‘er rip.

Opinion requests are good for feedback. I particularly like filling them in to give a pat in the back for good service. And, here’s the rub, where it’s the opposite, well, I do accordingly. I hate doing it, but hey, a big company like American Express should do heaps better.

And, one of the questions in the survey asks if I would recommend American Express based on this service. Not likely. I’ve had my rant and am sharing this with you.

And, I feel better. Plus, with social media this may spread the word a little more.

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