Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Getting the job done

I’ve had a prospective client complain about how some communication practitioners who pretty much ask clients to write something and only "tart" this up to become an ad or press release. Talk about spoonfeeding.

This is asking too much from a client and is not only laziness to the nth degree, but very unprofessional.

We’ve found through the years, that in fact, clients need help even in preparing the brief for a communication piece. In fact, we have made an art of filling in the blanks and processing with very little by way of brief and even of material.

We try to take the communication piece as close as possible to finished product, as it is easier for the client to make alts, rather than struggle to put a brief together. It's all part of the service and making sure that the job gets done, rather than wait for more input from the client.

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