Thursday, September 06, 2007

This year's Aimex: some thoughts

Early this week, I popped over to the Olympic Park complex, to get a glimpse of Aimex.

This exhibition is only held every five years. So, exhibitors really have the time and they really put the effort. I've been going for regularly for some years now and must say that this is the best one yet.

My kudos to the exhibitors and organisers alike. It takes a lot of work to put up a show of this magnitude.

And, whilst I'm at it, my thanks and kudos to Reeds for this year's Prospect Awards. I was present at the dinner and was impressed with the quality of the contestants and how this award has grown through the years.

Give credit, where it is due. Reeds (Reed Business Information) are up there with the best. And, as if we needed reminding, Australian Mining will be 100 years next year.


I've been involved with industrial publishing (albeit in the advertising agency side of things) since 1980. In the past 27 years, I've seen so many publications come and shortly thereafter just disappear. I've also seen mergers of publications, revamps and so on.

Well done, fellas. I've met many of the editors of this publication and must admit that the current editor is pretty switched on. With podcasting well and truly a part of their regular newsletters and a spanking new website.

Anyway, back to more mundane things. As an advertising agency bloke for 27 years, I've witnessed many things and this is why I put up this blog, to share that experience and some of my thinking.

So, enough of Aimex and on to other marketing communication stuff. You can get some by visiting my new blog. And, you can stay tuned here, by following my ramblings. Til the next post.....

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